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SX Installer v1.2 Released


 Team-Xecuter are back with SX Installer v1.2





This is a refined, polished version of the super tool all SX OS users love.

A lot of improvements and bug fixes are included in this version. Here is a short list of the change log:

  • Corrected issue: save games not backing up sub directories
  • Corrected issue: save game restore.
  • Corrected issue: nut server installations.
  • Corrected issue: touch screen on some screens.
  • Lowered memory consumption by ~30%.
  • Improved stability of nut USB installs.
  • Improved usbhdd stability.
  • Added hex viewer to file browser.
  • Added ability to dump installed eShop games to NSP (ftp, usbhdd, SD).
  • Games larger than 4gb CANNOT be dumped to fat fs!
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.


Head over to https://team-xecuter.com/ for more information and download link!

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