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Switch SX: an underground modchip for Switch arrives!

Switch Sx – We can now announce the imminent arrival of a modchip for the Nintendo Switch. It allow the modification of the firmware. Backup copies, independent games and other demo-maker creations by the end of the year?


Team Xecuter, well known in the game console industry, has just contacted distributors and resellers of their products to start the pre order the Switch SX, “The modchip” dedicated to the Nintendo Switch. The Switch SX will allow you to crack the portable console of the Japanese giant. Announced in January 2018, the “hack” of the Switch is accelerating. The test of this mod chip will arrive in a few days. It will allow, in addition to using its backup copies, to transform the Nintendo switch into a media center and run productions “home” …

As a reminder, Team Xecuter was known in the modchips scene for the Xbox 360. The Switch SX will work on all Nintendo Switch consoles. Regardless of firmware version, for ever. More annoying for Nintendo, there does not seem to be a countermeasure. A chip that will open a Custom Firmware, a modified firmware.

To use your modchip, you will still need to have your very own JIG. Hurry up and get one here!

Updated: May 24, 2018 — 4:56 pm

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