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[Switch] TUTORIAL – Use ChoixduJourNX for downgrader/upgrader your firmware !

Well hello, possessors of a Switch ! As you probably know, activate the internet connection on your console, you are exposed very strongly to a ban permanent for all services of Nintendo. Until then, many of you have most likely activated the “airplane mode” to enable no connection except (if you enable the option in the settings) the connection Bluetooth to your controllers.

But the only problem that persists is the fact of not being able to update its console. In fact, a good number of owners of the SD card, for example, wanted to put it to exFAT. Problem, it was necessary to make a special update incorporating support for this format. Many have then said : “Ugh, if only there was a way to update the console using a file ofupdate installable from homebrew… “.

Well, today we have the pleasure to inform you that this is possible thanks to ChoiduJourNX !

Good, in reality it was for a long time, but I admit that I was not too hot to make a full tutorial at the risk of brick my console). Fortunately, our moderator @wababc me bravely helped and it is thanks to him that this tutorial is online ! Congratulations and thank you to him ! ^^

0) Presentation

ChoiduJourNX is a homebrew created by rajkosto, allowing the installation of update files directly on the console, without the need of a computer. The peculiarity of this homebrew is that it works in both directions, so you can just as well upgrade your firmware, the downgrade (for the downgrade, see the last part). 😀

The other big plus of this homebrew, is that when you do an update of the firmware, you do not burn any refuses (except if you restart your console in normal mode). This feature is not very useful so-called like that, but in fact, when you update your console, you burn a certain number ofefuses in your console (they are located on the motherboard of the console). It is a security of Nintendo to avoid the downgrade.

By performing this, you can (if you make updates only via ChoiduJourNX) downgrader your console without a problem !

Now, on to the tutorial !

I) Tutorial

Before you begin, I must inform you that neither I, nor Custom Protocol will not be held responsible if you make a bad manipulation, so follow this tutorial only if you have a good knowledge and if you know what you are doing !

This tutorial will continue to run into sub-parts, the summary just below, you will find. ^^

  1. Pre-requisites
  2. To retrieve a file update since its game cartridge
  3. Installation and implementation of the SD card & update it on console
  4. F. A. Q.

Everything is good ? Then it is gone !

1) Pre-requisites

To start this tutorial in any tranquility, you will need the equipment/programs :

  • A Nintendo Switch under any firmware ;
  • The files for a firmware (found on the internet or on your cartridge) ;
  • An SD card ;
  • To know how to boot in mode RCM ;
  • Folder all-in-one Kosmos ;
  • The payload hecate is version 4.5 ;
  • Software hactool ;
  • The homebrew WAINCartDumperNX ;
  • The homebrew ChoiDuJourNX.

Download Hecate Is

Download Kosmos

Download hactool

Download WAINcartDumperNX

Download ChoiDuJourNX

Everything is good ? Well, let’s move on to part two !

2) Retrieve a file update since its game cartridge

To be able to follow this tutorial, you need the complete files of the firmware from the console of your choice. Unfortunately, many of these files are findable on the internet with a virus or simply incomplete most of the time… so This is where the game cartridges come in !

In fact, some cartridges have in their memory files of a specific version. To be able to know which cartridge goes with which firmware, we invite you to visit this link.

When you have found a cartridge corresponding to the firmware you want, follow this :

First start by downloading Kosmos just above, and then extract all its contents to your SD card preferably formatted in exFAT. Then, download the utility hactool on your computer, as well as the homebrew WAINCartDumperNX that will be used to dump the contents of your game cartridge insertede in advance in the console.

Once you have downloaded both files, put them in a common folder to avoid losing, and then insert your SD card into your console. In your SD card always, add only the file ” WAINCartDumperNX.nro “folder in the “switch” of your SD card. Finally, insert the SD card into your console and start this last mode RCM.

Inject the payload hecate is version 4.5 which can be found in the pre-required by the method of your choice, and then navigate (on your console) in the menu ” launch “, then all the way down ” CFW “. Agree, the console should restart as a major.

Well ! To finish, go into the album of images, and then launch the homebrew like on the photo just below :

On appuie sur A

It is based on A

You should now fall nose to nose on a menu my faith to be very simplistic. All you have to do is select the first option with A, then wait until the dump finishes.

Très simpliste, n'est-ce pas ?

Very simplistic, isn’t it ?

And as I said previously, we expect everything to be dumped.

C'est relativement long suivant le jeu, prenez un café...

It is relatively long depending on the game, take a coffee…

Well ! the dump is now finished ! Turn off so now your console and carefully remove your SD card in order to get the file ” game.xci “. It is located in the folder “switch” to your SD card, just where you put the homebrew.

Now, on to the serious stuff ! You remember the software hactool previously downloaded ? Well, open the directory where it is located, and then drag just the file ” .xci ” of your SD card to its own folder, and then rename the file.xci “.

Les deux fichiers côte à côte

The two files side-by-side

Perfect, open the command prompt Windows (referred to as CMD) as administrator, then navigate to the folder where is located hactool using the command “cd [path]” (and replacing “[path] ” with the path to the folder mentioned).

Ouvrez le répertoire de hactool

Open the directory of hactool

Finally, copy the above command and then do a right-click in the console to paste, and press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

Ne vous inquiétez pas, c'est normal

Don’t worry, this is normal

And here it is ! You should find a folder “update” any charge containing a multitude of files, which are in fact the update ! Now let’s turn to the new part of the tutorial !

3) Installing and setting up the SD card & update the console

Copy ChoiDuJourNX on your SD card as you did for the homebrew previous in the course of this (long) tutorial.

Then start your console mode RCM and open the album to start the Homebrew Menu, you should now see the homebrew ChoiDuJourNX appear, launch it.

Il est beau ce menu dis-moi ?

It is beautiful this menu tell me ?

With your fingers, touch the folder that contains all the update files previously extracted (in our case, ” NX-4.1.0 “). Thereafter, you should see all your files :

Cliquez simplement en bas sur « Choose »

Simply click below on ” Choose “

On this new menu, which will scan all files to verify that there is no data corruption (this would be silly huh ?), click on “4.1.0” with the “(exFAT) ” at the end.

On clique sur le bouton de droite

We click on the button on the right

A new audit will take place in cases where, then you can now click on “Select Firmware” at the bottom of the screen :

On y est presque ! :D

We are almost there ! 😀

On this last screen, just check the option “enable autoRCM)” in the meantime a third and last check (never two without three!!!) to finally be able to select ” Start Installation “.

N'oubliez pas vos mouchoirs !

Don’t forget your handkerchiefs !

And… poof ! Your console is now downgradée in version 4.1.0 ! However, it should be noted that your console will be autoRCM to avoid your efuses burned when you use this tutorial to upgrade your console to a firmware that is more recent !

Well, yes ! This technique allows you as well to downgrade than toupgrade your console, for example to remain completely invisible to the servers of Nintendo and be able to update it without connecting to the internet ! Awesome non ? Let us now turn to the F. A. Q. to answer the most recurring questions on this topic !

4) F. A. Q.

Up to what firmware can I downgrader my console ?

Then, in answering that question, I know I’ll disappoint some, but I’ll try to be as clear as possible, okay ?

Your console contains efuses, are small fuses in your console that will burn when you do an update ; not during installation, but during the first startup of the update (where the fact of having checked the option ” enable autoRCM “).

It is a measure of security on the part of Nintendo to avoid downgrades from the console. So if you are in version 1.0.0, you are normally supposed to have 1 refuses to burned as this table shows :

each version tells you how many efuses are blown

And all this so on. So if previously you had been that normal updates until the firmware 5.0.0, so you’ll have burned 6 of your efuses. You can therefore not downgrader to the previous version !

It is unfortunate, but if you have previously made all of your updates in the normal way until the 6.2 (the most recent at the time I write these lines), you just can ‘t downgrade at all. If you do, your Switch will turn on, but as soon as she put in sleep mode, your console will remain locked and will shut off, requiring you to restore your NAND via the mode Recovery.

We suggest you update your console only through ChoiDuJourNX, so you can downgrade later if needed.

It happens what if I remove the mode autoRCM of my console ?

Your efuses will burn instantly if you turn off the “autoRCM” while you are on a firmware above yours, it’s as simple as that !


Well, I think that these are the two big issues that everyone is facing, if you have any others I would add to this over time by updating the article with the answers in the most detailed possible !

I hope this long tutorial you have been really helpful, personally I had so much fear of losing my console (already I’ve lost all access to the mode online…) that I didn’t want to test, it is therefore thanks to @wababc that this tutorial was able to see the light of day (I repeat, but without him, this tutorial would not have been possible) !

Please do not hesitate to send me a private message on the forum if you don’t have it all figured out !

On this, the team CTP and I wish you a Good Hack ! 😉

Updated: January 26, 2019 — 8:19 am

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