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[Switch] TUTORIAL – Play backups with LayeredFS !

You have no doubt heard about the Team-Xecuter. But if, this famous team which has proposed a dongle to your console for the modest sum of 40″&nbsp€ and the main argument for buying the launch of backups of your favorite games ! Ah ! Still a functional method but pay you might say. Well… Yes and no, because thanks to this (wonderful, in all modesty of course) tutorial, I’ll explain the technical LayeredFS created by @Sciresm !

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Before all things, I am going to explain you what is LayeredFS ; originally created by SciresM, the developer ofAtmosphere, this solution was initially a launch concept games modded (yes, the same kind of mods that you install on GTA V on your PC) for the Nintendo Switch. The concept was very simple : use a game that is compatible with the one you want to mod to redirect the user to it. In other words, one exploits a game installed (completely legally from the Nintendo eShopto launch another game totally different !

The “problem” is that many people have started to use this technique to be able to launch other games, not just games modded… So to launch backups ! But be careful, however, this technique only works from a few games usable, many are not compatible with the launch of other games (I hope you follow me).

Well, if you have absolutely nothing understood what I’ve explained to you, I invite you to browse through (you should print it, the paper it is) this tutorial in order to understand what you are going to do, and thus be able to enlighten you ! 🙂

Neither I, nor Custom Protocol, nor the developers of the tools that you will use throughout this tutorial may not be held responsible in case of problem with your console.

We also remind you that the download games or software through the site of warez is perfectly illegal, the Custom Protocol can’t be held responsible if your account is ban and/or that you are dealing with the justice, the punishment endured that could amount up to 300 000″&nbsp€ fine (500 000″&nbsp€ if you are in a band) and 3 years imprisonment (5 years if you are in band).

0) Prerequisites

  • The Nintendo Switch with any firmware (the latest firmware is better, because many more games are compatible) :
  • The software all-in-one available below ;
  • A game that will exploit the launch of the game you want to play (don’t worry, the original game will not be deleted) ;
  • Know launch its console-mode RCM (tutorial here) ;
  • A SD card Class 10, of the largest capacity possible (because you can spend more of your games !) ;
  • A computer ;
  • Arm a little patience.

Download utility all-in-one PRAGMA

I) Installation

First insert your SD card into your computer, and extract the file downloaded earlier in a folder of some kind (and not on your desktop). Being developed in C#, this utility is only available under Windows. However, it totally works with Wine if you’re on Linux or OS X. then Run the utility. A message should appear like this if you are on Windows 10 :

The magic of Windows :’)

Simply click on “Run anyway” ; a new dialog box should appear :

Before you begin, I invite you to format your SD card in exFAT if it is not always the case, as well as delete all the files present on it.

Now click on the first checkbox, ” Install SD Files V3 “.

Just press ” OK “, and finally re-click on ” OK “. Normally, this window will appear, asking you the location of your SD card : select it.

Here, it is the USB Drive (F:).

Finally, click again on ” OK ” (repetitive, huh ?). Perfect, we now have all the files needed to install the LayeredFS ! We will move on to the practical part 😀

Return to the main menu, click the second box called ” Get the Keys.ini – Required for XCI/NCA Decrypting “.

From there, insert the SD card into your console off, and then start there in the mode of music. Once this is done, plug it in to your computer with USB, then click on ” Smash Biskeydump “. A new window like this should appear, click once on “Smash Biskeydump ” to confirm.You should now see a lot of things appear on your console. I’ll explain what you need to recover :

You must excuse me of this old cartoon…

For security reasons, I have decided to hide all of my access keys to avoid problems. Well, as you can see on the picture above, you simply copy the key in upper case (yes, I do well to specify), and also to differentiate between 0 and O (you will see a ” . ” at the center of the 0).

Write it down somewhere and keep them in a safe place !

Let us now turn to the second step : to do this, you will need to turn off your console, then back on the program running on your computer. Click this time on “Smash hecate is” A new menu then appears on your console : use the buttons Volume+ and Volume – to navigate in the menu and press POWER to select.

Start by going into ” Tools “and then select” Dump eMMC BOOT “.

Dump completed ! 😀

Well ! Now press any key, then scroll to the bottom and select ” Dump eMMC SYS “. This should take a little more time because it will dump (i.e. make a copy) a lot of files, but only one us will be necessary.

Turn off your console, remove the SD card and then put it back in your computer. You should find yourself facing a multitude of files : take those which are highlighted (keep the others somewhere to have a copy of it, one never knows) :Move these files into a new folder by the name of “hactool” and then give them the extension ” .bin “(just rename and add ” .bin ” at the end). Finally add the other files that you will download just below :

Download keys.py

Download hactool

To be able to use this program, you will need to have installed Python in version 2.7.X. It is important to take this version and not the 3.7 ! During the installation of python, don’t forget to do this : (I put the instructions in a toggle to make it breathe a little more about the article ^^’)

When you will be in the installation of Python, you should find yourself in front of this window after you have specified the installation folder ; your settings will be the same !

This line should be the same

Now run a CMD as administrator, then enter these commands :

  • pip install lz4
  • cd [path to your folder ” hactool “, in my case : “cd E:\Profiles\Mat\Desktop\hactool “]
  • python keys.py LaCléBK LaCléTSEC

The program should work like magic :

Perfect !

If you happen to get an error message, it is that you probably mis-copied your keys or that you are wrong in the order, please make sure that they are copied properly ! If all went well, a new file should normally have seen the light of day under the name of ” keys.txt “. Rename the ” keys.ini ” ! 😀

We will now take this file and put it in the folder where the utility of PRAGMA (this is the utility that we used at the beginning). I am now going to explain how to use an original game as a base to launch another game ! But for this, unfortunately (and yes, there is a but), it is necessary that it is compatible with the latter…

Start by going on this site and then follow the instructions :

In order :

  • 1 : This is the game that we want to start, choose one from the list.
  • 2 : This is the base game, do not specify anything here.
  • 3 : It is here that you will see if the game works. There are three possibilities : in green is that everything works perfectly ; in yellow is that the game launches, but the backups do not work ; finally, in red the game does not start at all.
  • 4 : This is the title of the game that we want to launch.
  • 5 : This is the title of the base game that you are going to use.

So if I go back to our example, here I can see that the game “Kirby: Star Allies” will be launched without the support of the backups if it is launched with the game ” Pokemon Quest “.

Once you have found your base game that you want to use, let’s say ” Fortnite “, I invite you to go on this site to take the ID of the game. Always in our example for Fortnite, it will be ” 01002540E0000AEC “. Copy and return to our software.

(III) Decryption of backups

If you made it this far, it is that you have a backup of a game in the format ” .XCI “. As a reminder, you can download a copy of a game that does not belong to you is punishable by a fine of 300 000″&nbsp€ (500 000″&nbsp€ if you are in a band) and 3 years imprisonment (5 years if you are in band). Neither I, nor Custom Protocol will not be responsible if it happens to you something at the level of justice, so follow this tutorial at your own risk.

First, rename your backup ” game.xci ” so that the software recognizes it, then move it to the root of your folder where the utility of PRAGMA.

Always on our software all-in-one, click on the tab named ” .XCI Decrypter and .npm editor “. A new box should appear, asking you for the ID of the game that you want to exploit. In my case (Fortnite, for the two in the background who didn’t follow), I’m going to get this :

After you have clicked on the huge button (you can’t miss it), you will have to wait a little while. Depending on the size of your game, this may take more or less time. Do not touch anything, just wait 🙂

Is this right ? It remains only a single step : transfer the game on your Switch ! But before you continue, put your console in airplane mode. In effect, it sends regular information on the status of your console when it is connected to the Internet. It would be a shame to get banned so close to the goal, non ?

IV) Launch Backup !

Get the new folder created in the folder of the software that we used previously (leave it open in a corner, we’ll use it again), then put your SD card in your computer.

Place this famous folder in the ” atmosphere/”titles” ” on your SD card. Now, reinsert your SD card into your console and start the mode RCM. Connect it to the USB on your computer.

Since the utility of PRAGMA, click on ” MCB Smasher “. A new window should appear, simply click on the ” Smash hecate is “.

On your console, you should normally find yourself on the menu ofhecate is that we begin to know. Navigate to the ” Launch Firmware “.

Press POWER to select it.

Then, select “LayeredFS” as follows, then press the button to POWER on your console to restart it !

You should now find yourself on the menu your official Switch. To verify that everything worked, run your game patched.

IV) Details…

Now that your game works, you need to know how to remove the hack to be able to connect your console to the internet without you make it happen. Well, yes ! You think when not even turn on Wi-Fi, no ?

Switch off your console, put your SD card into your computer, and cut/paste the file ” Hekate_ipl.ini ” located in the root of your SD card to a place where you can find it later. Now, you can start your console normally, but you will no longer have access to your backup !

Every time you want to play, so you need to put ” Hekate_ipl.ini ” in its place (thinking to switch to airplane mode before !).

If you want to change the game, it is “simple” : you can simply go back to step 3 and follow again all the steps.

This tutorial is finally finished ! We are sorry that he has not been able to reach before, but we had some problems (the hard drive of the editor who is dead, WordPress was acting up (for a change) that prevent the corrector do its work…). Finally, it has happened and it is the main ! 😀

If you have any questions or you encounter problems, please do not hesitate to share it with us !

Updated: July 20, 2018 — 3:16 pm

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