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[Switch] TUTORIAL – Install the Homebrew Launcher

Remember : a few weeks ago, Plutoo, Derrek and Naehwertet were 34c3 to present their work on the Switch. They had used the game PuyoPuyo Tetris to launch a homebrew on the Nintendo console, before announcing that a homebrew launcher would arrive shortly.

And there it is ! there it is! Spend no more waiting for the interesting part : the installation.

0) Pre-requisites

  • A Switch in 3.0.0 (if you are in a lower firmware, scroll down to the part 2 of this tutorial),
  • An SD card,
  • A computer,
  • SD adapter/USB (or any other means to connect your SD to your computer).

1) Installation

Start by downloading the latest version of the nx-hbmenu right here :

Download nx-hbmenu on Github

Once the archive is downloaded, extract its contents (hbmenu.nro) to the root of your SD card, then insert it into your Switch. Turn on the console, then go in the settings, section the Internet, and select DNS Configuration.

There, select Manual, and then enter the following address : Now run a connection test. Then click on “Install” as soon as this you will be offered. If you see the code 2000-1337, the installation is performed correctly !

Now, restart your console, and then retest your connection. Here, click on “Run”, and then wait until a window opens with writing “Exit”. Click on it, and there it is, the Homebrew Launcher is installed and functional ! 🙂

Now, go to the main menu of the console, and tap “Album”.

This is beautiful :’)

Neither I, nor Custom Protocol, nor the authors of the Homebrew Launcher are not liable in the event of a problem with your console. Don’t worry : if you follow correctly the steps, everything should go well.
However, the use of a homebrew unreliable will also be able to bricker your console. Be careful !

2) Questions & answers

You are in a lower firmware to 3.0.0 ?

You can update your console with a cartridge of the game, Pokken Tournament DX. Caution, newer versions come with firmware 3.0.1. Otherwise, wait in the hope that someone finds a way to install the 3.0.0 otherwise.

You’re in a higher firmware to 3.0.0 ?

No porting of the Homebrew Launcher is not expected. If you can, buy a second Switch with the right firmware. Otherwise, you can either update to take advantage of the multiplayer and the new release, either wait patiently for a possible portage.

You want to buy a Switch but you don’t know what version of the firmware will be installed ?

Visit this page to know which version will be your Switch.

Where to find homebrews ?

You can find homebrews to this address, and of course on Custom Protocol 😉

How to make a homebrew ?

You just can’t wait for someone to sort a homebrew in particular ? Do-it-yourself !
How to set up the development environment (Windows, Linux, Mac), and a few examples of homebrew that you can compile.
You can also go on IRC : #switchdev @ EFNet, where you’ll find people that can help you.

You have an error 2347-0003 ?

This error comes from the fact that the file ADDRESS has not been found. Check that it is at the root of your SD card.

Now that we can run homebrew on Switch, what do you hope to see happen in the next few weeks ? Homebrew Youtube, internet browser, games, hacked, plugins… Tell us all about it in the comments 🙂

Updated: February 19, 2018 — 1:09 pm

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