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[Switch] TUTORIAL – to Know the version of the firmware of a Switch

You’re planning to buy a Switch to install theHomebrew Launcher freshly released (or any other hack if you are a visitor from the future) ? You will need to make sure that it is in the correct version of the firmware (3.0.0 or prior for theHomebrew Launcher). We will show you how to do !

1) With a serial number

If you can’t launch the console, you will need to use the serial number of the console.

(A) Composition of a number of series

First of all, let’s dissect a serial number of the Switch.

It looks like this : XAW100140

The X is common to all the serial numbers, and is the code of the platform (for NX).
The second letter is the code for the hardware. It is a Has when this is a console, a B for a Joy-Con left, a C for a Joy-Con right, and a D for the Pro Controller.
The third letter is the region : W for West, J for Japan. The Switch is not zoned, so this is maybe a time where she was.
The numbers that follow are the number of your Switch (here, 100140).

(B) Find the serial number

To find the serial number, it is very simple : it is located on the bottom of the box, in a recess as you can see on the image below :

(C) List of serial numbers

Here is a list (not exhaustive) of the serial numbers, sorted by version of firmware. In green, these are the consoles with firmwares are exploitable. In blue, these are the consoles which can be updated to a version that is usable, for example with the aid of Pokken Tournament DX (3.0.0). In red, the consoles with firmwares non-exploitable.

Firmware 1.0.0
XAW100006 – XAW100128
XAW700014 – XAW700047
XAJ100022 – XAJ100042
XAJ400020 – XAJ400091
XAJ700012 – XAJ700065

Firmware 2.1.0
XAW100139 – XAW100140
XAW700049 – XAW700050
XAJ400124 – XAJ400136
XAJ700078 – XAJ700085

Firmware 2.2.0
XAW100158 – XAW100173
XAJ400105 – XAJ400174
XAJ700091 – XAJ700093

Firmware 2.3.0
XAW100179 – XAW100214
XAW400012 – XAW400016
XAJ400105 – XAJ400155
XAJ700098 – XAJ700132

Firmware 3.0.0 (Homebrew Launcher)
XAW100182 – XAW100228
XAW400017 – XAW400033
XAW700059 – XAW700079
XAJ100117 – XAJ100129
XAJ400169 – XAJ400191
XAJ700134 – XAJ700153

Firmware 3.0.1
XAW100218 – XAW100320
XAW400028 – XAW400036
XAJ100122 – XAJ100140
XAJ400210 – XAJ400242
XAJ700150 – XAJ700180

Firmware 3.0.2
XAW100350 – XAW100420
XAJ700202 – XAJ700225

Firmware 4.0.1
XAW100439 – XAW100471

You can find a more complete list and detailed at this address (by Xplic1T).

Attention : when you buy a console with a serial number would seem to indicate that its firmware is 3.0.0, it is possible that it is in fact a console in 3.0.1. For example, XAJ100127 is 3.0.0, but XAJ100122 is 3.0.1. This is probably due to the plants that have flashed the two firmware at the same time when the update of the production lines.

D) And bundles ?

Some consoles sold in a bundle (with games) are in a firmware suitable. For example, bundles Mario Kart 8 are in 1.0.0, and the bundles Splatoon 2 in 2.3.0 or 3.0.0. Logically, all the consoles, from bundles with games launcher (MK8, BOTW) should be in 1.0.0, even if it is not a certainty.

So check on the internet before buying a bundle !

2) From the console

If you can run the console before you buy it, there’s an easy way to know which version it happens. You can of course go into the console settings and look for the version of the system, but you will probably need to go through the initial setup of the console.

In order to learn more quickly, turn the console on while holding the buttons to raise and lower the volume, and hold until you see the Recovery menu. The firmware version will then be displayed. You only have to press once on the Power button of the console to turn it off.

Now that you know which version is your (future ?) Switch, you can install a hack ! Currently, the only available is the Homebrew Launcher (3.0.0).

Updated: February 19, 2018 — 2:18 pm

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