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[Switch] custom bootloader hecate is updated to 4.0

For connoisseurs of underground, the Nintendo Switch, you must most likely know about hecate is ! The custom bootloader to load the patch romFS, or Atmoshphère ! Let me rejoice today in announcing that it has just been updated to version 4.0, bringing a lot of novelties my strong liver friendly !

Bannière de Hekate, pour Switch

Banner of hecate is, to Switch

1) Changelog

To discover the changelog, I have created (my usual) two small toggles. The first is composed of the changelog usual in English, the second contains the changelog translated into French by my care !

– Added Payload launching. Media: All current CFW bootloaders, Linux chainloading and payload tools.

– Use the new entry in Launch Payloads. Autoboot is supported via inis to all payloads.

– Added Ianos, our module support loading and launching. First module is LP0 (sleep mode).

– Added support for split ini They should be located to bootloader/ini. All cfw bootloaders, payloads and linux payloads are supported, along with Horizon files.

– Autoboot support. Use the More configs menu in autoboot configuration.

Auto – launch update for modchips. For users that do not like to always update their eeprom.

– Add KIP1 patching support

– Backup speed is now faster, by having bigger write speeds.

– Backup folder now uses eMMC serial number.

– AutoRCM now shows status and can unbrick all AutoRCM versions and types.

– If sd card is missing asks to continue. No more accidental stock HOS launching.

– Allow dumping of TSEC keys to sd card

– Fixed display sanitization for all firmwares. No more white flash white gold black screen.

– Fix critical bug to FatFs

– Countless fixed and bugfixes

– And many more..

– Added the launch of payload custom, it supports all CFW current, Linux as well as the utilities payloads. To do so, navigate to the Launch menu, and then in the Payload.

– Addition of Lanos, a launcher module. The first module is LP0 (for sleep mode)

– Added support to split the ini files (They should be located here : bootloader/ini. All the CFW as well as Linux are supported, including the files of Horizon

– Added Autoboot, use the tab “More Config” in the menu autoboot

– Auto-launch the update for the modchip. For users which do not always like to update their eeprom

– Added patch KIP1

– The time of backup is much faster, increasing the time of writing

– The folder backups now uses your serial numbers of the eMMC

– The AutoRCM is clearly displayed as active or not in its menu, and supports all the variants of AutoRCM.

– If the SD card is missing, ask them to continue. Most of the launch issues of stock HOS accidental.

– Added dump of the keys to TSEC on the SD card

– Fixed displaying all firmwares. More problems with flash white or black screen.

– Fix critical bug on the FatFs

– Countless patches and bug fixes

– And many other things

Phew ! Me, who was beginning to wonder what my Switch was doing to do a simple backup, I am reassured to see that it is now quicker ! You can also see the launcher of modules, much too essential imho.

But what I was most put water in the mouth, it is simply the addition of the support of the launches of all the CFW and Linux directly from hecate is, so no need for PC ! I feel that this addition is going to advance the scene Switch much more quickly. ^^

2) Download

To download hecate is, simply click on the button at the bottom.

Télécharger Hekate en 4.0, par CTCaer

Download hecate is in 4.0, by CTCaer

Well ! Now it remains for us only to change the file in the SD card to be able to enjoy this update ! On this, the team at CTP, we wish you a Good Hack ! 😉

Updated: August 25, 2018 — 1:09 pm

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