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[Switch] The team fail0verflow has managed to launch a Linux distribution

A small classic that likes to highlight the famous team fail0verflow when she is working on the hack of a console : the launch of an operating system using a Linux kernel directly on it. After the PlayStation 4, it is the turn of the all-new Nintendo Switch to make the charge.

Linux on a Switch, photo taken by the team fail0verflow

The team of developers has recently posted on his account Twitter the photo above, highlighting a Switch turning Debian, a Linux distribution popular enough. This follows their announcement of a feat bootrom that would allow them to have virtually total access to the system.

It is not yet known if the team account to share his codes, however, one can almost say without too much doubt that she will not reveal to the public his feat , and that it will keep it warm until the day comes timely, as was the case for the PS4.

Anyway, it’s still an excellent novel and a new step towards the hack of the last console of Nintendo !

Updated: February 9, 2018 — 6:02 pm

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