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[Switch] The period of release to Atmosphere unveiled !

The 0.7 will be the first official version ofAtmosphere. It will be published following the resolution of the problems related to this version.

The current best estimate for the release of the v0.7 is in the month of August 2018.

It will support the following features :

Rocket, a bootloader custom

Supports the loading and customization of the KIPs arbitrary from the SD card. Supports the compilation of patches to the kernel defined as a function of time on the basis of a firmware.

Configurable by editing the file BCT.ini on the SD card. Atmosphere also should be able to be launched by the alternative hecate is the bootloader, for those who prefer it.

Exosphere, a security system customized and complete

Exosphere is a reimplementation of the firmware of the TrustZone of Nintendo, reproducing all its features.

In addition, it has been extended to provide information on the current version of the API Atmosphere, for homebrews wishing to use it.

Stratosphere, a set of sysmodules customized

And it includes : a sysmodule loader.

A re-implementation of the Loader original Nintendo, reproducing all the original functionality.

Extended to support the redirection of arbitrary executable content to the SD card.

The files will be loaded preferentially from /atmosphere/titles//exefs/, if present.

The files present in the exefs of origin that a user wants to mark as non-present can be “stubbés” by creating a file.stub on the SD.

If it is present, a PFS0 /atmosphere/titles//exefs.dk will completely replace the exefs the original 2.0.0++.

The redirect will be optionally switchable by holding some buttons down.

The full support of the patch of the content of the NSOS is implemented.

All the patches to paths such as /atmosphere/exefs_patches//.ips will be applied, allowing an easy distribution of patches supporting multiple versions and/or securities of firmware.

Formats FPS and IPS32 are supported.

Extended to support the launch of content from executable files loose on the SD card, without the need of installation official.

This is done by specifying FsStorageId_None at launch.

A Sysmodule management services

Re-implementation of the service manager of Nintendo, reproducing all the original functionality.

Support of compilation for the reintroduction of “smhax”, allowing customers to skip the verification of the access to services, skipping the initialization.

Extended to allow homebrew to gain access to privileged services than what Nintendo allows natively.

Extension to add a new API to the installation of the customers Man-In-The-Middle for the services to be arbitrary.

The API can also be used to detect any security if a service has been registered as non-blocking and no side effect. Complete Documentation of the API to come.

A Sysmodule management process

Re-implementation of the process manager of Nintendo, reproducing all the original functionality.

Extended to allow for homebrews to gain more access to arbitrary process, and therefore to read/modify the system memory without stopping the execution.

Extension for the integration of a complete implementation and scope of the module boot2system of Nintendo.

The order of launch games has been optimized in order to allow a more rapid access to the SD card.

The system module error collection was not started intentionally, which prevents many of the error reports of telemetry system to be generated.

Users can place their own sysmodules custom on the SD card and mark it for automatic launch of boot2 by creating a file /atmosphere/titles//<title ID>/boot2.flag on their SD card.

A Sysmodule fs.mitm custom

Uses the API MitM ofAtmosphere in order to provide an easy way for users to edit the content of the game.

Intercepts all commands FS sent by the games, with a special treatment for the commands that are used to mount the content RomFS/DLC in order to facilitate the creation and distribution of mods of the game/DLC.

The file fs.mitm will analyze the image RomFS base for a game, an image RomFS located in /atmosphere/titles/<title ID>/romfs.bin, and all the free files in /atmosphere/titles/<title ID>/romfs/, and will merge together into a single image RomFS.

During the merge, the files free are favourite to the content of the image romfs.bin from the SD card, and the image files of the SD card are preferred to those of the base image.

Can also be used to intercept the commands sent by a securities system, arbitrary (except for those launched before the SD card is active), creating a file in /atmosphere/titles/<title ID>/fsmitm.flag on the SD card.

A module for crash report custom

Replaces the module Creport System from Nintendo.

Generates detailed reports and human readable on the system crashes, and saving them into /atmosphere/crash_reports/<timestamp>_<title ID>.log

As the reports are not sent to the system module erpt, this disables all telemetry information related to reports of a crash.

General improvements to the stability of the system to improve the user experience
Updated: August 10, 2018 — 1:05 pm

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