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ShofEL2 Tegra exploit + Linux

Fail0verflow did it again. They released ShofEL2, the Tegra exploit that they were officially planning to release on April 25th. They had to go early because of the leaks, but their original disclosed was intended to be on April 25th.

The entire Fail0verflow’s exploit use the Tegra’s USB Recovery Mode (RCM), the same vulnerability media as Kate Temkin‘s exploit: Fusee Gelee (ktemkin technically single-handed beaten the Fail0verflow team a few hours ago by released Fusee Gelee).

The exploit is simple and you can see below a video of the exploit being used to run linux (Flawlessly, as you can see) on the switch. Who else can’t wait to give it a go? 🙂




Fail0verflow’s use a variety of github, that I have listed for your convenience:

Updated: April 29, 2018 — 4:14 am

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