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[PC] [Switch] Yuzu : an emulator of Nintendo Switch in development

Seen that the Switch is hacked and that we know the structure of the console, it was necessary to begin the development of an emulator. And who better than the team behind the must emulator 3DS Citra for starting such a project. In fact, the team has decided to create an emulator of Nintendo Switch named Yuzu, which means citron in japanese (yes, the team loves citrus).

The homebrew Space Game of vgmoose runs on the emulator Yuzu

The emulator Yuzu has been announced but it is still in experimental phase. It can only initiate programs light such as homebrews in 2D. Forget the launch, for the time being, of the official games in the Switch or homebrews in 3D. The demo presented is the project logo on a red background : not enough to turn Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The emulator Yuzu in action (source : Sean Torres)

Like its counterpart, the 3DS, the emulator is multi-platform and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux ! However, it will be necessary for you compiliez have any on hand to test it.

The team left very clear instructions on his deposit. If you wish tohelp the development of the projet, of create homebrews or just try it, go for it ! If you have no skill, you can always make a donation to the team so that they can buy Nintendo Switch in 3.0.

The emulator promises to be even though it is promising, and will continue to be improved little by little. Patience, young padawan, enjoy the games exclusive to the Nintendo Switch on your PC, you can !

Updated: January 17, 2018 — 4:15 pm

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