Nintendo switch hax: #1 source of informations

Fusée Gelée

The Nintendo Switch scene is exploding. Fusée Gelée, the universal “Work on all Nintendo Switch console” exploit has been released. Because of the leak from last night, Fusee Gelee has been released earlier than planned (June 15th). The exploit, based on the Nvidia Tegra hack, is compatible with any firmware revision of the Nintendo Switch, […]

3.0.0 Plutoo’s exploit

  Source code released for the 3.0.0 Homebrew exploit When hacker “Plutoo” released the famous Homebrew launcher a few months ago for the version 3.0 of the Nintendo Switch, it was not expected that he would eventually release the source code as it was considered a highly valuable piece of codes. But, with all the new […]

Dolphin emulator on Switch

Flash info: ShofEL2 exploit, the universal, un-patchable exploit for the nintendo switch, now allow you to run Linux. But this also mean that it is possible to run emulators, like Dolphin! What Why When? Yesterday, Pierre Bourdon (Developer of the famous Dolphin emulator) shared a screenshot of Zelda: Wind Waker (Gamecube title) running on the […]

Atmosphere Custom FirmWare

Hacker “SciresM” share the status of Atmosphere, a Custom Firmware for Nintendo Switch! Atmosphere release date was set to be June 15th along with Fusee Gelee. However, the Tegra Bootrom exploit used in Fusee Gelee was leaked overnight, forcing hacker  ktemkin to release the exploit earlier. Because the custom firmware was realeased two month early, it […]

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