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[Updated] [Switch] version 6.2 is available : what happened with the Custom Firmwares ?

Update: This article is now irrelevent as the 6.2 has been cracked!
It would seem that motozazer and SciresM have already managed to crack the 6.2.

Yes, it is with sadness that I am compelled to write you this article… Nintendo has indeed played his cards and has this time decided to launch its firmware 6.2 for the Nintendo Switch.

If you follow the hack-tualité Switch, you know it very likely that the vulnerability of the Switch cannot be patched because of its nature hardware, situated at the level of its graphic chip Nvidia Tegra which, if I can afford it, we will be a hard task simpler.

Only two opportunities were available to Nintendo to counter this : either launch a new console model with its revision level of the chip, or to alter the firmware in the purpose to make it harder for hackers. The firm has succeeded with his version 6.2 ?

Good, I just want to know if I should update or not !?

Gently, gently ! Given that this update is arriving there not long ago, we can’t really provide you with a changelog detailed and comprehensive ; in the meantime however, can you explain roughly what it is product-level software of the console :

As the tweet of Mike Heskin us this, we can very clearly see that Nintendo has not been idle, and for good reason ! The japanese firm has indeed decided to play all of its advantages by changing the string encryption of all the package1, the consequence of which was to block all the Custom Firmwares on your console, Atmosphere as much as the solution pay from the Team-Xecuter, the SX OS !

Fortunately for us, this new key is not incrackable, in fact, we can see that the developer SciresM, known to have contributed greatly to the development ofAtmosphere, we know that he is on the move to try to decrypt it. We can thus reasonably think that the hack will be back in the future !

As always, we recommend that you do not update your console as long as the key has not been decrypted, so stay on your firmware current (or cross the line if you don’t play Mario Kart online is impossible).

On this, the team at CTP, we wish you a good hack ! 😉

Updated: January 26, 2019 — 8:30 am

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