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Homebrew Launcher for 3.0 switch: Tutorial

Homebrew Launcher tutorial



1- Preparation

  1. Turn off your Switch
  2. Put your sd card in your computer
  3. Copy hbmenu.nro from the file you downloaded ( nx-hbmenu ) .zip to your SD card (Root folder)
  4. Create a folder switch (Still on the root of your card)
  5. Insert the SD card into your nintendo switch
  6. Turn on your Switch

2- DNS (Domain name server)

  1. Launch System Settings
  2. Go to Internet -> Internet Settings
  3. Choose youre network
  4. Choose “Change Settings”
  5. Set “DNS Settings” to “Manual”
  6. Set “Primary DNS” to (updated April 29, 2018)
  7. Set “Secondary DNS” to (updated April 29, 2018)
  8. Exit (Don’t forget to save first!)

3- Installation

  1. Go to Internet -> Internet Settings
  2. Choose your network and connect to it
  3. Click on “Next”
  4. The Homebrew Launcher first screen will show up. Click on “install” and the PegaSwitch page will be loaded. You should see “Error 2000-1337” confirming the success. If you don’t, reboot your Nintendo Switch and try again
  5. Reboot your Nintendo Switch. When you see the “Mii database is corrupted” message, hit “ok” to reboot another time.

4- Using HBL (This step will have to be re-run at each reboot!)

  1. Go to Internet -> Internet Settings
  2. Choose your network and hit  “Connect”
  3. You should see a message claiming registration is required. Click on “next”, then “run”. You can now go to your home menu and launch the Album app, and Homebrew Launcher will be ran!

This method will be rendered useless in the upcoming days due to the release of ReSwitched/Fusee Gelee. Stay tuned!


Updated: April 29, 2018 — 5:46 am

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