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Fusée Gelée

The Nintendo Switch scene is exploding. Fusée Gelée, the universal “Work on all Nintendo Switch console” exploit has been released.

Because of the leak from last night, Fusee Gelee has been released earlier than planned (June 15th).

The exploit, based on the Nvidia Tegra hack, is compatible with any firmware revision of the Nintendo Switch, for ever. The only possible way for Nintendo or Nvidia to fix this issue, would be to release a new hardware revision. There is no way for Nintendo to release a software based patch.

For the end-user, the release of Fusee Gelee is not of much use, but in the coming days/weeks, developer will most likely release many tools, homebrews, or even game-launcher for the Nintendo Switch. Sit tight!

To run the exploit, you will be required to put your console in the Recovery mode. This can be achieved with ease using a simple piece of wire and pressing volume up and power buttons at the same time. (The wire triggers the press of a “hidden” button on the joycon rail). In recovery mode, the Ninteodo Switch needs to be connected via USB to a PC or Android device to trigger the exploit launch.

Hacker “Ktemkin” released a  technical information page about the exploit. It can be interresting to give it a read, because it explain the technical side of the exploit.

Download: Fusée Gelée


Using the Resitched github here, you can download the full code for the Fusee Gelee exploit. Because the exploit was released in a hurry after the leak, the documentation is still very minimal and therefore you might have to experiement a bit. But rest assured: No Switch has been reported as bricked so far.

You can also get a sample payload by hacker “Kate” here.

Updated: April 29, 2018 — 4:07 am

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