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Emulators: GameBoy Colour, Nintendo DS, …

The first “Quality” homebrews are starting to show up for your Nintendo Switch!

Thanks to jakibaki’s and MasterFeizz’s work, you can now play the Nintendo famous console Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS directly on your Nintendo Switch!

DeSmuME finally ported: The infamous Nintendo DS emulator on your switch!


Thanks to DeSmuME (Don’t ask me why some letters are capitalized!) it is possible to play Nintendo DS games. This work-in-progress emulator is pretty rudimentary and will run slow on some games. However, with some more work by the developer, it is bound to get better.
It can be used on firmware 4.x and 5.x.
Touchscreen is also functional, meaning you can actually use it like a real DS unlike the PC version of the emulator.


khegdb, the one that will rule your need for GameBoy Colour games

Even if this emulator focus on Pokemon game (and run them perfectly) it will also support many other games.

gdkGBA will do the same, but for GameBoy Advance!

It might be a perfect emulator game-wise, but it’s major issue remain the audio. It doesn’t seem to be able to emulate audio properly, meaning you must play without sound or with really bad sound quality. Apart from that, you can play all your favourite title (Mario, pokemon, ..) perfectly!



Let’s not lie here. There is a better alternative for those emulator, and it’s called RetroArch. However, RetroArch is still offered for firmware 3.0 only, meaning we must use those fine alternative meanwhile.


Updated: May 25, 2018 — 2:32 am

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