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Dolphin emulator on Switch

Flash info: ShofEL2 exploit, the universal, un-patchable exploit for the nintendo switch, now allow you to run Linux. But this also mean that it is possible to run emulators, like Dolphin!

What Why When?

Yesterday, Pierre Bourdon (Developer of the famous Dolphin emulator) shared a screenshot of Zelda: Wind Waker (Gamecube title) running on the nintendo switch.

Not too long after, team fail0verflow quickly confirmed the feat by showing up screenshot of a japanese version of Zelda running on their Nintendo Switch.

As the Nintendo Switch use the famous Tegra X1 SoC(System on a Chip), it will be able to run emulators for many older console, a feat alread possible on the Nvidia Shield, running the same Tegra X1 SoC.

How does it run?

Without any optimization, the developer (Pierre Bourdon) confirmed a steady 20-25 framerate (FPS) using standard open-source drivers.

This is a wonderful news, as it mean that once they get some optimisation in, we can expect to be able to run GameCube and Wii game on our Nintendo Switch console.

A lot of optimisation could be made, like Frame-skip, audio modding, etc. to bring the framerate to a respectable 30 fps.



It is incredible that in a matter of simply a few days, so much have been done on the Nintendo Switch. We can expect in the next few weeks many awesome features added to our Switch!

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Pierre Bourdon https://twitter.com/delroth_

Fail0verflow https://twitter.com/fail0verflow

Updated: April 29, 2018 — 3:54 am

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