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Everything you need to know about the latest switch exploit

ShofEL2 Tegra exploit + Linux

Fail0verflow did it again. They released ShofEL2, the Tegra exploit that they were officially planning to release on April 25th. They had to go early because of the leaks, but their original disclosed was intended to be on April 25th. The entire Fail0verflow’s exploit use the Tegra’s USB Recovery Mode (RCM), the same vulnerability media […]

Fusée Gelée

The Nintendo Switch scene is exploding. Fusée Gelée, the universal “Work on all Nintendo Switch console” exploit has been released. Because of the leak from last night, Fusee Gelee has been released earlier than planned (June 15th). The exploit, based on the Nvidia Tegra hack, is compatible with any firmware revision of the Nintendo Switch, […]

3.0.0 Plutoo’s exploit

  Source code released for the 3.0.0 Homebrew exploit When hacker “Plutoo” released the famous Homebrew launcher a few months ago for the version 3.0 of the Nintendo Switch, it was not expected that he would eventually release the source code as it was considered a highly valuable piece of codes. But, with all the new […]

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