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Various tutorials to help you achieve great things with your console!

ArchLinux and RetroArch

I’ve successfully booted ArchLinux using ShofEL2. Here is a quick guide on how to do it – I’ll assume you’re computer literate and know how to use a terminal / Linux commands / git. Everything is taken from the README of the ShofEL2 repo so if you want to go even faster, go read that […]

Homebrew Launcher for 3.0 switch: Tutorial

Homebrew Launcher tutorial Requirement: (Click to download) nx-hbmenu Instructions 1- Preparation Turn off your Switch Put your sd card in your computer Copy hbmenu.nro from the file you downloaded ( nx-hbmenu ) .zip to your SD card (Root folder) Create a folder switch (Still on the root of your card) Insert the SD card into your nintendo switch Turn on your Switch […]

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