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Various tutorials to help you achieve great things with your console!

ArchLinux and RetroArch

I’ve successfully booted ArchLinux using ShofEL2. Here is a quick guide on how to do it – I’ll assume you’re computer literate and know how to use a terminal / Linux commands / git. Everything is taken from the README of the ShofEL2 repo so if you want to go even faster, go read that […]

Homebrew Launcher for 3.0 switch: Tutorial

Homebrew Launcher tutorial Requirement: (Click to download) nx-hbmenu Instructions 1- Preparation Turn off your Switch Put your sd card in your computer Copy hbmenu.nro from the file you downloaded ( nx-hbmenu ) .zip to your SD card (Root folder) Create a folder switch (Still on the root of your card) Insert the SD card into your nintendo switch Turn on your Switch […]

LEGO Meets Nintendo Switch

As you probably know, the Nintendo Switch is the incredibly popular console of the moment. You of course also know that LEGO has been popular since the beginning of recorded history. So it was only a matter of time before somebody decided that these two titans of youthful entertainment needed to combine up like some […]

Nintendo Switch Gets Making with Labo

Over the years, Nintendo has had little trouble printing money with their various gaming systems. While they’ve had the odd misstep here and there since the original Nintendo Entertainment System was released in 1983, overall business has been good. But even for the company that essentially brought home video games to the mainstream, this last […]

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