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Atmosphere Custom FirmWare

Hacker “SciresM” share the status of Atmosphere, a Custom Firmware for Nintendo Switch!

Atmosphere release date was set to be June 15th along with Fusee Gelee. However, the Tegra Bootrom exploit used in Fusee Gelee was leaked overnight, forcing hacker  ktemkin to release the exploit earlier. Because the custom firmware was realeased two month early, it is obviously not complete and not usable as-is.

On the plus side, as hacker “SciresM”  points out, by having Atmosphere open-source and Fusée gelée released, anyone can now help the scene by working on it.


The hacker “SciresM” also said, on this tweet: Click here:
“A personal request — once people are able to use hax to its full extent on newer firmwares, please dump your NAND and look for leftovers! I’m *especially* interested in consoles that came with >= 4.0.0 from factory. (note: it may be a little while before you can do this.)”

How can I try Atmosphere CFW, or actually help it’s development?


Get the source code of the Atmosphere CFW on the developer’s github here.If you know what you are doing and are able to compile it, you are more than welcome to share your new snippets of code on the github!



Updated: April 29, 2018 — 3:45 am

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