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Month: January 2019

SX Installer v1.3 Released

Categories: Featured Articles After much ‘valuable user feedback’ since our last update to SX Installer,Team-Xecuter is back with another great update to our app, checkout v1.3 changes below! As pointed out with our previous update, SX Installer has quickly become the ‘super tool’ that all SX OS users love, and with this v1.3 update, there […]

SX Installer V1.1 Released!

Your friends at Team-Xecuter are back again with another major update for the always improving: SX Installer V1.1 As it becomes a more and more powerful tool, you will find now not only lots of stability improvements, but also key new features like touch screen support and the never seen before ability for the user […]

SX OS v2.5.1 Beta Announcement

Categories: Featured Articles Happy New Year, everybody! We hope you’ve all had a smooth transition into the year 2019. Your friends from Team-Xecuter would like to kick off the new year with a small update to SX OS. Lets waste no time and see what’s new in 2.5.1: LayeredFS compatibility fixesIt appears we introduced a […]

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