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Month: May 2018

Emulators: GameBoy Colour, Nintendo DS, …

The first “Quality” homebrews are starting to show up for your Nintendo Switch! Thanks to jakibaki’s and MasterFeizz’s work, you can now play the Nintendo famous console Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS directly on your Nintendo Switch! DeSmuME finally ported: The infamous Nintendo DS emulator on your switch!   Thanks to DeSmuME (Don’t ask […]

*Warning* DO NOT use Nyko charging docks!

It has now been confirmed that the Nyko charging dock is the cause of many console bricking that have occurred lately! Nintendo warned everyone in march: The Nyko charging dock doesn’t use the standard it should and therefore they can brick your nintendo switch.The release of the firmware 5.0 done it: Most peoples who used the […]

Duke Nukem for Nintendo Switch

Cpasjuste successfully ported Duke Nukem 3D to the Nintendo Switch! We can now all thanks cpasjuste for his amazing port of Duke Nukem 3D!   Duke Nukem 3D, THE classic FPS from 1996 by GT Interactive/3D Realms, finally ported to the Switch. For this port, Cpasjust used Eduke3d, a special game engine that have a few […]

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